Saturday, 11 February 2017


Hey. I've went to see 'La La Land' the a little while ago, and I thought I'd do a little review.

A lot of people have been going 'la-la' over it (sorry). They either hate it or love it, which is expected because it's a musical. Song filled movies are either your thing or they're not.
I, myself, am a MASSIVE musical fan! I've seen most musical movies ever made (yeah, even the bad ones). I have even written a few musicals myself. So, yeah, La La Land was judged harshly by me. 
Here's the review!:

Name: La La Land
Main Cast: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling
Age Rating: 12
Star Rating I give: 4 & 1/2.

Thoughts: To be honest, I picked this film to bits when I watched it, but that's just because I'm a musical-maniac. I thought that it needed MORE songs, unlike what a lot of other people are saying. Seriously, I expecting a big soundtrack to put on my MP3, but alas, it is only a small one compared to other musicals (I do have it on my MP3 anyway). The songs it did have were very good, though.
My comic-artist side also nit-picked. I thought there needed to be more camera angles and changes, instead of staying in one place all the time and making me feel tired. Long-time-the-same camera angles were in old films which I love, but I don't think it should be in new films like this. 
Speaking of cameras and such, I actually felt it was like a Shoujo (or Shojo) manga! If you don't know what that is, look it up (it's basically manga for girls, and quite often have BIG eyes). Emma Stone has huge eyes (I say that in a nice way, cos I like big eyes), so she was like a shoujo heroine. There was a load of shots of their faces which seemed to go on foreveer, showing their emotions in detail, much like shoujo manga.

Anyway, that's my quick review. I did really like the film, regardless of my picking. I'm sure that, if you like this sort of film, you will LOVE La La Land. Go and see it! :)

Friday, 3 February 2017

A Long Time and Twittering

It's been a while...

Hello, everyone. I'm sorry that I've haven't posted for a little while - I've been VERY busy. Things are moving fast and going good for me (for once).
Anyway! I thought you'd like to know that I now have a Twitter account. Here it is:
Feel free to check it out and follow me! (please!)

Okay, I've gotta go now - I'm still very busy.
'Til next time - see ya!

Love ya. ^_^

Sunday, 8 January 2017

My Mermaid OAK

The OAK dolls keep on coming...

This is a creation of mine from last November (2017). I had this Bratz doll for a few years now, just sitting around looking like a tart in her xmas outfit. I didn't like her that much. Her hair was matted and she looked so unloved. She was like that when I got her in a school fair. So, I decided to give her new life and turn her into a OAK doll!
Firstly, I boil washed her hair. Then I removed and drew on a new face with water colour pencils. She didn't have feet, so that's why I made her into a mermaid instead of getting her new ones. She, in my opinion, looks better now. I'm not saying my work is good - I'm terrible. I'm saying that she looks more loved and happy.
I love rescuing dolls and making them look like that. <3

Until next time - see ya and love ya!

Monday, 2 January 2017


Another year has begun...

I already know that this one is going to be a eventful one. How about you? Any plans for 2017?
I've made a new SP picture for the new year. 

My internet is messing up, so I can't stay and type.
I hope the new year brings you a lot of joy and happiness!

Love ya! ^_^

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Tohru the Rice Ball!

A little sweet rice ball...

I've just been to see Disney's Moana (it was amazing), and finished a mini project. 
It's a needle-felted rice ball version of Tohru Honda, from Fruits Basket.
 Damn, I love that show and those books. It never seems to get old, and is quite possibly my favourite anime/manga of all time! <3
I might post a 'how-to' on making this on Youtube, along with other Fruits Basket crafts.
Gotta go now! It's get so near Xmas that it's scary. I'm off to make mince pies.

Until next time - bye!
Love ya! ^_^

Monday, 12 December 2016

Rowling Drawings And Changes Of Plans

Sadness In December..?

Hello, everyone. ^_^
I hope ya'll enjoy my new comic-strip. This is literally why I haven't made a Rowling drawing. I like to make drawings to do with films I watch in the cinema and enjoy. I was gonna do the same with Disney's Moana, but I don't think I can see it, sadly. Oh well.

Anyways, everyone's drawings online looked so damn amazing that I was put off doing one. I was gonna do a Hermione drawing, or even the main three, but now... nah.

(I'm kinda hypocritical, and am yet to follow my own advice, but I think you should follow it.)

Anyway, you remember how I said that I was starting a vlog at the beginning of next year? Well, like most of my plans, it has been pooped on (Not literally... It's just a saying of mine).
One of the main things I hate - along with people who say stuff and do nothing, copycats, unoriginality, crumpets and girls who have no respect for themselves - is having to wait for other people and no power over my own life, having someone rule over you.
Yeah, so I dunno when the vlog is gonna be made, if ever.
There's so many things I'm not able to do which I need/want to. Oh well.

Enough whining, Sugar! >_<
Anyway, I hope your December is going well!
Hopefully I'll be posting before Xmas.

Til next time!
Love ya!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas Time Once Again!

It's almost time to hear those sleigh bells again...

Yes, once again, Christmas has come sneaking up on me. 
I'm actually - I surprise myself in saying this - almost ready for the 25th. There were a few problems in getting presents, but they're all solved now. I even set myself a money budget and actually stuck to it! Haha. I feel like patting myself on the back. :)
How's everyone else? Are you ready for Christmas?
If you don't celebrate it, I hope you have a nice day anyway.

When someone on the radio or TV says how many days there are to go, I have mixed emotions. Part of me is like a little child, getting all excited for the jolly day. Another part of me is like a total Grinch, wondering why the heck it isn't all over yet. Lol.
I'm just looking forward to spending time with my family and giving them something that - hopefully - they'll like. I don't mind about what they give me, for I'm just happy to spend time with them and probably wouldn't care if they didn't give me anything.

By the way, I must apologise for not posting as much. It's because life has been a little mad and I need to do a lot of studying. 

Oooh, and I wanna tell you something! Either nearer the end of the year of the start of next year, I hope to be starting a vlog! Hopefully you'll like it. It's gonna be filled with cuteness and I'm gonna cover most fields - reviews, how-tos, fashion, beauty, health, toys, cooking, crafts, impressions, comedy, sketches and much more! Including a load of random stuff which even I won't probably know what I'm doing. Haha.

Gotta go now. Until next time!
Love ya! ^_^