Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Kawaii Box!

Cuteness has been spotted!

I was just goofing around online, looking at alpaca plushies, when I found this thing called the 'Kawaii Box'.
Curious, I looked more into it and, omg, I think I found the cutest thing EVER to exist in the world!! 
It's a monthly box, like Lootcrate, which is full of cute items like plushies, stationary and more. 
I know one thing: When I get a job next year, I'm gonna be getting one of these bundles of cute - sorry, I mean kawaii - ness. Then I'll be doing a proper review, hopefully.
Here's a link so you can get one of these adorable boxes!:

Never stop being kawaii.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Dolls, dolls, dolls!

The craze of ooak dolls has swept me up...
I have officially finished recreating my first doll!
She isn't that good, but I'm proud to say it was my first attempt.
So, here she is!
I brought this old, unloved Barbie in a charity shop, which was covered in marks, had matted hair and stunk of cigs. Yuck.
So I rerooted her hair, giving her a mad, bright red hairstyle. Then I repainted her face, making her more natural and sweet. My goodness, by the time my Mother had made this beautiful outfit for her, she looked happy and loved again.
I love this new hobby. It helps the planet, restores beauty and spreads joy!
Honestly, I can't wait to get my hands on a Monster High doll to recreate. They look like the best to do. I'm not using my darlings, though; I'm waiting to find an unloved one to restore live to.
Next year, I'm going to buy some doll-recreation supplies. Right now, I have to concentrate on Christmas, so things like Sims 4, dolls and other random stuff will have to wait! ;)
Until next time! Love ya! ^_^

Thursday, 3 November 2016

November Plans!

It's November again...

What is everyone's plans for bonfire night? I'm just gonna be watching my neighbours' fireworks from the safety of my own garden while playing with sparklers and eating cupcakes. Even if you don't celebrate it, I hope you have fun. And remember to stay safe!

Sooo... dare I mention it's getting to be that time of year again? A certain day they call... 'christmas'? Sugar honey iced tea, I'm both dreading it and looking forward to it. Perhaps we should talk about something else?

I'm adopting a new hobby and hope to do quite a bit of it starting this month. It's doll recreation/restyling! It's basically where you repaint the face, maybe reroot the hair and such. Strangely, it's lots of fun! I've done some practice on a cheap doll I got for £1. You can see it in the image here.
The camera quality isn't too great - especially since a certain brother of mine kept on rocking the table - but hopefully you can see the basic idea of it all. She even has fake eyelashes.
I have a Bratz doll which I brought in a jumble-sale a few years ago; her hair was all matted until I boil-washed it today. She is my next victim for repainting... Mahahahaaaaa!! >:)
Haha. I'm not trying to be evil. I just want to make her look natural and beautiful. <3

Anyways, that's basically my month planned - restyling fashion dolls and buying xmas presents. Until next time - which I hope is soon - bye!

Love ya! ^_^