Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween again!

Hi everyone. May I start by saying 'Happy Halloween'. It's that time of year again - October 31st. Not everyone celebrates Halloween, but I hope you enjoy yourselves today anyway.
I made this doodle/sketch for Halloween. It's the mane six from My Little Pony dressed up for the occasion. Haha.
Fluttershy is a vampire, Pinkie Pie is a clown, Twilight Sparkle is a witch, Apple Jack is some sort of murderer, Rarity is an enchantress and Rainbow Dash is a zombie. I didn't finish it. O_O
Oh well, I hope you like it anyway.

I would stay and type more, but I gotta go - my monkey needs me! (I wonder if anyone even knows what I'm quoting...)
Btw, I'm being Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween, as you may have noticed.

Have a good Halloween! Love ya! ^_^

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